We fully understand that you would like to be informed about the related fees before engaging a lawyer. Upon request we would be glad to inform you about the fees that arise for in or out of court activities. We will try to give you an insight into the complex system of legal fee calculations below.

According to the German law, the unsuccessful party is to be ordered to pay the costs of the legal dispute, including the costs for the commission of the opposing lawyer. This means that in case of a positive outcome of the proceedings, You do not have to pay any lawyer’s performance fees because these will be imposed by the court on the opponent.

The amount of a lawyer’s performance fee results either from the German Regulation of Lawyer‘s Fees (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz – RVG) or from a remuneration agreement. Instead of billing the regulated legal fees, there is always the possibility of reaching an individual remuneration agreement.

In criminal cases, the advance payment amounts to between 500,00 € and 2.500,00 € depending on the nature and scope of the matter. The advance payment is meant to cover the costs of becoming familiar with the background of the case, of initial consultation with the client as well as inspection of all related files of the case. Further activities are remunerated separately, although we always clarify whether billing should follow the regulated fees or an individual remuneration agreement.

According to the German Regulation of Attorney‘s Fees for civil and administrative matters, fees are billed according to the value of the subject of the lawyers’ activity. The so-called amount in dispute will be set according to the value of your or your opponent’s claim.

As a general rule, except for small exceptions, the fees for our out of court activity will be no more than ten percent of the value of the amount in dispute respectively the value of your claim. If our out of court activity does not lead to the desired success, we will, as a second step, explain to you the costs and success prospects of a court process, thus giving you the opportunity to decide for or against the judicial enforcement of your claim.

In criminal matters, we charge a consultation fee of 226.10 € (including VAT).

In the area of Bulgarian and German family law we offer various consulting options. The consultations can happen at the client's request in German, Bulgarian, Italian or English. Depending on the duration of the consultation our fees are charged as follows: for a period of 15 minutes: 45,00 €), 30 minutes: 90,00 €, 45 minutes: 135,00 € and 60 minutes: 190,00 € (VAT included).

For clients with low income, the possibility exists, that the legal fees could be taken over by the public treasury. In such cases, we consider it our task to submit an application for the granting of advisory or legal aid to the competent court.

*All prices indicated are subject to VAT.