Criminal defence

German (general) criminal law

Dr. Miluscheva is a lawyer and certified specialist in criminal law with vast experience in criminal defence of clients in courts throughout Germany. After successfully graduating from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Law she enhanced her knowledge of criminal law through advanced training courses for certified specialists at the DeutscheAnwaltAkademie. Based on her proven specialised theoretical and practical knowledge, the Munich Bar Association awarded her the title Certified specialist in criminal law. Subsequently she attained her doctorate in European criminal law and wrote her doctoral thesis on the topic The execution of the European arrest warrant caught between criminal prosecution and protection of the parties involved. In her thesis she dealt with the ageless dilemma between values such as safety and freedom – an important consideration in any criminal case. She continues to add to her professional experience by regularly attending advanced training courses in current topics of German and European criminal law and criminal proceedings.

Dr. Miluscheva represents injured parties and defends the accused in all kinds of crimes. She is able to give consultation in German and Bulgarian and with the help of her assistant in Italian and English as well. Her professional behaviour is characterized by her unprejudiced approach regardless of how qualified and how serious the accusation is. Based on her extensive experience in the field of criminal law and criminal proceedings, she is able to give a reliable and realistic prognosis of the possible outcome of the proceedings.

Areas of focus:

  • Theft, receipt of stolen goods, fraud, bodily injury,
  • Hit and run accidents, driving under the influence of alcohol,
  • Sexual assault, rape, sexual abuse of children,
  • Counterfeiting, crime involving narcotics, falsification of documents,
  • Spying out data, manipulation of data, computer sabotage,
  • Insult, defamation, false statement, prejury,
  • Bankruptcy, delayed filing of insolvency, tax evasion etc.
  • Juvenile justice.

Dr. Miluscheva’s work begins with the subpoena of the suspected persons or witnesses and includes assistance and consultation in search and sequestration and review of the accusation and penalty order. Particular focus is put on the preparation of the individual criminal defence strategy and its implementation during the proceeding in local, regional and higher regional courts. Special attention is also given to the possibility of closing preliminary proceedings, of perpetrator-victim-agreements, and of possible revocation of the suspension of the sentence etc.. Dr. Miluscheva is familiar with international aspects of criminal prosecution and execution, such as competence for criminal cases abroad, European arrest warrant, deportation, extradition for reduction of imprisonment, transfer of sentenced persons to their home country for implementation of sentences, etc.

More information on practical cases handled by Dr. Miluscheva can be found in the category "press".

Criminal defence