Criminal defence

Economic and fiscal criminal cases

In the areas of economic and fiscal criminal law, you will find excellent legal knowledge, economic understanding of complex issues under absolute discretion. Dr Miluscheva is a specialist lawyer for criminal law and also a certified defence lawyer for economic crimes (DSV). The certification was awarded to her in 2020 by the Deutscher Strafverteidiger Verband e. V. (German Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers) due to her proven special theoretical and practical knowledge in white-collar criminal cases. Dr Miluscheva develops your defence strategy in close cooperation with the company owners concerned. In doing so, she considers it her duty to consult experienced lawyers from our network to clarify legal questions from other fields of law (labour, commercial or family law). For questions concerning other legal systems (Bulgaria, Austria, Switzerland or Lichtenstein), we can always confidentially turn to our cooperation partners in the respective country.

In our internationally oriented law firm, telephone consultations and discussions with our clients are a matter of course. Regardless of where you are, if you become aware of a preliminary investigation against you, lawyer Dr. Miluscheva will be happy to provide you with an audio/video conference upon request.

In practice, we regularly deal with the following criminal charges:

  • Tax evasion, reckless tax evasion (§ 370 AO)
  • Withholding and embezzlement of employee contributions to social security (§ 266a StGB)
  • Subsidy fraud according to § 264 StGB
  • Procrastination in insolvency (section 15a InsO) and bankruptcy (section 283 StGB)
  • Money laundering and concealment of unlawfully obtained assets (section 261 StGB)
  • Incorrect presentation (§§ 331 ff. HGB)
  • Credit fraud (§ 265 b StGB)
  • Bribery and Corruptibility (§ 299 StGB)
  • Acceptance and granting of advantages (sections 331, 333 StGB)
  • Criminal trademark infringement (§ 143 MarkG)

For tax and accounting issues, we take the liberty of drawing on the expertise of tax advisors and accounting experts. We include the economic interests of our clients in the development and enforcement of the defence strategy.

In connection with the state support payments (e.g. emergency aid, bridging funds, etc.) due to the Corona pandemic, the criminal offence of subsidy fraud acquires particular relevance. As a result of the restrictions on social life, many tradesmen and freelancers have run into serious payment difficulties. The simplified and unbureaucratic subsidy procedure opened up the danger of overcompensation. As a rule, the subsidy notices contain the requirement to report significant changes compared to the forecast course of business development and, if necessary, to repay excess subsidies granted. Investigation proceedings have already been initiated in many federal states on suspicion of misuse of state support payments. We continuously keep up to date with the latest legislation and case law and can help you in criminal proceedings for subsidy fraud.

However, federal states have already initiated the first criminal proceedings on suspicion of subsidy fraud in the context of the Corona emergency aid application.

Compliance with the provisions on the protection of personal data accompanies everyday business. We represent your interests in administrative fine and criminal proceedings for violations of data protection. The following data protection prohibitions can be prosecuted and punished as administrative offences or criminal offences:

  • Unlawful collection of personal data against the will of the data subject,
  • Unauthorised disclosure of personal data that is not generally accessible to third parties,
  • Fraudulent use of a data transmission,
  • Use of personal data for advertising purposes despite revocation by the data subject
  • Breach of the duty to inform in case of knowledge of unlawful data collection etc.

A conviction for a criminal offence in the area of economic and fiscal criminal law can have devastating financial consequences. For this reason, we have made it a rule to include asset forfeiture measures (forfeiture, confiscation of criminal products and means, compensation for loss of value) in the first consultation. In addition, we offer competent representation in the enforcement against security measures such as seizure of accounts, freezing of PCs, laptops, mobile phones, etc.

More information on practical cases handled by Dr. Miluscheva can be found in the category "press".

Criminal defence