Dr. Maria Miluscheva
Rechtsanwältin (translated: lawyer)
Certified specialist in criminal law

Dr. Miluscheva is the founder and holder of our internationally oriented legal firm. She is a certified specialised lawyer in criminal law and doctor of jurisprudence. She has a broad background of experience. In her work, Dr. Miluscheva focuses on criminal cases. She also represents exclusive clients in real estate law, road traffic law, commercial and corporate law, transportation and forwarding law as well as in exceptional cases.

Professional career:

June 2016 - present: Independent lawyer

October 2011 – April 2016: doctoral studies, Jurisprudence at the Private University in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Doctoral thesis: "The execution of the European arrest warrant caught between criminal prosecution and protection of the parties involved: A practice-based analysis focusing on the example of Bulgaria" supervised by Prof. Dr. Helmut Satzger

July 2015 to present: Vice-Chairman of the management board of the Bulgarian self-help association "Edinstvo e.V."

July 2011: Awarded title of "Certified specialist in criminal law" on the basis of proven special theoretical and practical experience in criminal defence

September 2008 – May 2016: Lawyer at Ziegler and Associates law firm, Munich

July 2008: Admission to the Munich Bar Association

May 2008: Second Bavarian State Law Examination with above-average score

January - May 2008: Legal trainee at Hermann and Wiedemann law firm, Munich and Freising

April – November 2007: Legal trainee at Ziegler and Associates law firm, Munich

April 2006 – May 2008: Legal clerkship within the judicial district of the Higher Regional Court of Munich

January 2006: First Bavarian State Law Examination

September – December 2005: Internship in the international legal office Linklaters LLP in Munich

2000 – 2005: Study of law at University Ludwig-Maximilian, Munich

Akad. Lyudmil Stoyanov Secondary School graduation, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Professional development:

2015: Conference of the Academy of European Law: "Protection of fundamental rights in the European Union: Law enforcement between the Charter, the ECHR and the constitution"

2015: Conference of the Academy of European Law: "The role of the European Union Court of Justice in criminal matters"

2014: 7th EU conference on criminal law: "Europe: The necessity of defence"

2013: 6th EU conference on criminal law: "Europe: A space for investigation, prosecution and execution"

2012: Money laundering – practical issues

2012: Forensic trace analysis – from genetic fingerprinting to the reconstruction of a criminal act

2011: Enforcement of fine and administrative penalties in traffic law within the European Union

2011: Basic principles and current problems in money laundering law

2011: Introduction to criminal law for cyber crime

2011: Forensic medical aspects in the evaluation of injury severity and its ensuing consequence

2011: Laws of interrogation rights and findings regarding psychological aspects of testimonies

2010: Training course for certified specialists in criminal law at the DeutscheAnwaltAkademie (Academy of German Lawyers)

2008: Training course for certified specialists in tax law