Criminal defence

Narcotics criminal law

Competent and effective criminal defence, especially in the field of narcotics, cannot be learned at university or at a desk. The psychological and tactical skills that form the indispensable premise for successful criminal defence in narcotics proceedings are a matter of talent, on the one hand, and intensive practice, on the other. Dr Miluscheva boasts a healthy mix of vivid imagination, open-mindedness and noteworthy practical experience. She is active nationwide in medium-sized and large proceedings on suspicion about an offence or crime against the Narcotics Act and knows many peculiarities of the drug scene.

In this area, we undertake your representation and defence in the following cases, among others:

  • Trafficking in narcotic drugs on a commercial basis and by a gang
  • Armed trafficking in narcotics
  • Driving a vehicle under the influence of narcotic drugs
  • Acquisition and possession of narcotics
  • Supply of narcotics to minors
  • Import, export and transit of narcotics
  • Other placing on the market of narcotics
  • Infringement of the Medicines Act

In cases of cross-border narcotics traffic, knowledge of the aspects of European law often proves decisive for the outcome of the proceedings. A fact of life can affect several legal systems, for example, because the narcotics have been transported from Turkey, via Bulgaria, through Germany, to the Netherlands. From a legal point of view, the question arises as to the applicable law and the competent court. Our multilingual law firm is characterised by its knowledge of European and international criminal law, which is decisive in solving the aforementioned problems.

Especially in criminal proceedings for trafficking in narcotics in several EU member states, you can benefit from Dr. Miluscheva's theoretical and practical knowledge in dealing with and enforcing national and European fundamental and human rights.

From our point of view, the following topics belong to the regular subject of consultation in this area:

  • Clarification assistance and leniency
  • Exploitation of the results of interception
  • Use of undercover agents and informers
  • Prohibitions of evidence with regard to previous statements
  • Prohibition of double punishment
  • Transfer for execution of sentence
  • Therapy instead of punishment

In the case of penalty notices, we always keep an eye on the professional consequences of a driving ban on the one hand and the legal costs on the other. As a client, you will receive economically well thought-out proposals for solutions and information about the possible outcome of the proceedings.

Benefit from our remarkable experience and detailed knowledge in the special field of narcotics criminal matters.

Criminal defence