Criminal defence

Criminal road traffic cases

In criminal cases or cases involving fines connected with road traffic, you can rely on the confident assessment and many years of experience of Lawyer Dr. Miluscheva and Lawyer Valeriya Dimitrova-Filipova.

The following traffic offences are regularly the subject of the criminal charge:

  • Unauthorised departure from the scene of an accident
  • Drunkenness in traffic
  • Driving without a licence
  • Negligent bodily injury or homicide in road traffic
  • Dangerous interference with road traffic (§§ 315 b, 315 c StGB)

If you have received a penalty order, for example, we will advise you on the chances of success of an appeal and take over your defence in the court proceedings. If you are threatened with fines, cautions, even a driving ban or the revocation of your driving licence, our law firm will help you to avoid or at least mitigate any sanctions. If the case is serious, we will help you to regain your driving licence. You can find more information on driving bans in the Infothek section.

You can also turn to us with confidence for the following administrative offences:

  • - Violations of distance regulations
  • - Alcohol and drugs in road traffic
  • - Prohibition of further travel due to vehicle defects
  • - Speeding
  • - A offences and B offences during the probationary period
  • - Red light violations
  • - Exceeding the deadlines for the main inspection and exhaust emission inspection
  • - Transport of dangerous goods
  • - Speeding
  • - Load securing and overloading etc.

In the case of penalty notices, we always keep an eye on the professional consequences of a driving ban on the one hand and the legal costs on the other. As a client, you will receive economically well thought-out proposals for solutions and information about the possible outcome of the proceedings.

Transport and forwarding criminal cases

Transport and forwarding law is a special and highly complex area of law that requires special expertise. Nowadays, crossing borders is a matter of course and commonplace, but entails the obligation to comply with national regulations as well as a plethora of European law provisions and international agreements. Our law firm has been working intensively in this area since 2008 and has the necessary expertise to find the best solution to your problems. As a criminal law firm, we focus on criminal and administrative fine cases, especially those that arise in cross-border transport.

The police authorities and the Federal Office for Goods Transport carry out regular and nationwide checks without suspicion. The lack of knowledge of the administrative regulations could lead to violations and the imposition of considerable fines. We advise you on the proper equipment of the vehicles, the documents to be carried, the driving and resting times of the drivers, etc. In the case of penalty notices and administrative offence proceedings, lawyer Dr. Miluscheva or lawyer Valeriya Dimitrova-Filipova review the legal situation and offer competent advice on the prospects of success of an appeal. Our services are available to you before/after the control in question, in the hearing procedure, after receipt of the penalty notice or in the court proceedings.

In our daily work we regularly deal with the following constellations:

  • Breach of customs regulations
  • Seizure and confiscation of the goods in transit
  • Fiscal offences in travel
  • Administrative offences under the Driving Personnel Act (FPersG) and the Driving Personnel Ordinance (FPersV)
    • Failure to enter the company card
    • Exceeding the time limits for data download from the mass storage device
    • No timely data download from the driver card
  • Violations of the regulations on loading and load securing
  • Order of forfeiture
  • Prohibition of further travel etc.

Well-known European transport companies leave the handling of their German matters to us and benefit from our fast service for the transport industry. All transport companies receive our initial assessment and recommendation (usually) within 24 hours of receipt of the relevant case documents. After taking on the mandate, you will be assigned a personal contact person who will maintain your company data and, in the event of telephone enquiries, will be able to provide information at short notice on the status of your ongoing case as well as on any legal issues.

Regardless of where you are in the world, you will find with us a dynamic team of lawyers who will confidently stand by you in the difficult hours.

Criminal defence